Contrabass Chimes

Model Number: CCH-17A
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The Contrabass Chimes are one of the most impressive sculptural-like outdoor musical instruments. They are stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant sound.

The outdoor musical equipment from All People Can Play offers a multitude of social, cognitive, and healing benefits. They can be a fun and motivating way to teach all children, particularly children with special learning needs. Music therapy has been shown to stimulate speech development, provide organization for cognitive and motor development, and create a meaningful environment for socialization.

There are 7 aluminum chimes pitched one octave below middle C, and 2 mallet poles or 4 total mallets. This means 2-4 people can be involved in making music! The chimes are constructed from 4 inch diameter heavy duty anodized tubes and range in height from seven to nine feet.

The Contrabass Chimes can be installed in a variety of layouts, including a horseshoe shape to experience a "surround sound" effect. Poles and mallets may also be purchased individually. These outdoor musical instruments carry a 5 year warranty against

Includes 7 Aluminum Chimes,2 Mallet Poles,4 Mallets w/ cable tethers,C Major Pentatonic Scale
Child Capacity 4
Use Zone 9'8" x 2' (recommended)
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