...Indoor activities are delightful.  Sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate with our intention to get outside and enjoy our local playground or park, or even your local indoor playground. However, it is important to provide fun, challenging activities that keep kids moving (and thinking) when they are not able to go outside and play.

If the weather has you shut in, you can still create fun indoor activities that will pique their imaginations and prevent kids from settling in front of the computer or television. We found a number of resources online that provide fabulous suggestions for keeping kids busy during off weather weekends.

Crafts for Kids

Children love to create; give them the materials and they can happily engage themselves for hours on a creative craft project! Whether that craft is painting or drawing, or something more complex, it doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be fun and meaningful for children. Adults can come up with educational and seasonal craft ideas with a quick visit to Pinterest. Or having children make their own holiday cards is a good place to start. Paints, paper cut-outs, collages, these are all great ways to engage their crafty side.

Build a Fort

When was the last time you built a blanket fort?  It seems like a simple activity but it inspires kids to apply their problem solving and spatial reasoning skills indoors, to build the perfect fort! Whether using cushions and pillows, blankets or sheets and towels, give them the opportunity to formulate a design and try their hand at architecting the best blanket fort ever! Try joining them in the fort and read a book together.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Use indoor soft furnishings (pillows and blankets) to create a fun obstacle course. Utilize left over party streamers to create a fun spider web that children have to weave and duck through.  Skipping ropes can also be used to create floor obstacles, allowing kids the pleasure of finding their way through. Be wary of tripping hazards, though.  Place plenty of soft, plush items under and around the obstacles to help reduce any injury should they stumble or fall.

Paper Planes

Give kids the opportunity to learn about design and the scientific properties of flight! Research some great paper airplane templates here. Print them out, and have a competition to see which plane goes the furthest, flies the highest, or performs the best aerial acrobatics. Bring out the crayons, markers, or colored pencils so that they can personalize their aircrafts. This is a great activity for a group of children.

Dress Up

Sometimes the best games are the classic ones.  Create a fashion show by opening your closet up to creative expression for kids. Have them design their own outfits, choose music, and build their own fun fashion show! The pictures alone are worth the effort, and children love being able to express their own unique style with fun fashion, jewelry, hats, and accessories.

If going outside is not an option, remember that children thrive on learning and engaging activities. Don’t turn on the television or tablet; instead tune into their need to keep active by developing a day of fun indoor activities. Doing so will inspire lasting memories and provide meaningful learning opportunities.