When it comes to sustainability and the health of the environment, we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible. The commercial playground industry has worked hard to engineer new products that maximize the use of recycled materials, and to offer consumers new playground structures that support a healthy environment.

Recycled Plastic in Commercial Playgrounds

How many milk jugs have you recycled this year? Did you know that through recently engineered recycling processes, we can now fabricate commercial playground structures using reclaimed plastic from milk jugs? The activity panels and other high density polyethylene (HDPE) components, as well as the rotationally molded components – such as slides, tubes, tunnels, roofs, etc. – in our new recycled play structures feature repurposed plastic for a resilient and environmentally friendly playground.

Help divert useful recyclables from the landfill and support a sustainable outdoor playground. We can help you create an environmentally friendly playground your community will feel good about.

Recycled Surfacing Materials

Every 3-6 years motor vehicle owners change their tires due to worn tread and safety concerns. In 2012 there were approximately 253,639,390 registered vehicles in the United States or an estimated 10,145,575,060 tires. Where do they all go?

There are a number of grants and incentives available for businesses that use recycled rubber mulch in building materials. Recycled rubber provides an excellent weather and mildew resistant playground surface that effectively protects children from injury, when used under commercial playground structures. Of course, the recycled rubber is safe and non-toxic, and it provides better impact reduction than engineered wood fiber.

By choosing recycled materials and environmentally friendly products for your playground, you may qualify for grants or other sources of funding from green initiative organizations in your area.

Recycled Commmercial Play Structures from APCPLAY

Some of our recycled playground structures include The Burren, which accommodates up to twenty-five children aged 2-5 years. The Evergreen Terrace also features recycled materials offering adventure and fun for up to 36 children aged 2-12 years.   Visit our website for a full list of our recycled playground structures, seating and more.

Reduce your carbon footprint! APCPLAY can help you design an environmentally friendly playground for a sustainable choice you can feel good about. Call our play experts at 1-888-401-6446 to get started.