While playground surfacing can add architectural interest to your outdoor space with a variety of materials and vibrant color options, it is more than just a decorative feature.   When it comes to playground safety, we recommend that you plan from the ground up.

Playground surfacing creates an additional level of safety when installed below commercial playground structures, and there are a number of different types of surfacing to choose from.  Each surfacing type offers protection against injury, while some offer superior protection and long term value with few maintenance needs once installed.

At APCPLAY© we offer quality playground surfacing options for your budget.

Engineered Wood Fiber

This playground surfacing option is manufactured from engineered, non-toxic crushed wood fiber which is composed of soft and hardwood material.  The wood fibers are randomly sized, but typically do not exceed 1.5” – 3” in length with a composition of approximately 10% to 20% fine pieces to aid in compaction.

The engineered wood fiber surfacing works by forming a compacted layer that will support a wheelchair or other assistive devices.  It provides a natural, organic outdoor look for your park or playground. For areas under elevated platforms and climbers, it also provides cushioning to reduce impact when kids jump down.

Loose Fill Rubber Mulch

A durable choice that is also good for the environment, Shredded rubber is a loose-fill surface option that is made of 100% clean recycled rubber tires.  The mulch is non-toxic and free of metals, and available in six colors (blue, green, black, redwood, sandlewood and brown).

The advantage to this type of playground surfacing is the tremendous long term durability of the recycled rubber mulch, which offers a fifty (50) year impact warranty.   The mulch does not absorb or retain water, and does not freeze and provides an impact attenuation for critical fall heights up to 12’.

Rubber Safety Tiles

This type of surfacing provides shock absorption, and offers high wear and low maintenance for commercial parks or playground applications.  Rubber safety tiles are available in solid colors and in two thicknesses (2-1/4” and 3-3/4”) and provide traction for ADA accessible commercial playground structures.  Ramps and other accessories can be installed to provide easy access, and replacement of individual tiles is possible with the installation of this type of surfacing.

We enjoyed some of the tips provided “Playground Surface is a Safety Key” by Mary Kay Clunies-Ross for PTO Today.  The article discusses the importance of playground surfacing and how choosing the right type of surfacing can help protect children against injury.

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