Children need the opportunity to engage socially and cooperatively with their peers in outdoor play.  But intuitively designing a playground requires a balance between social activities that require coordination and group play, and independent activities which allow children to develop personal strengths, critical thought, and to exercise their imagination.

At APCPLAY© we provide a number of quality independent play options to help you create that perfect balance in your park or playground.  Whether encouraging imaginative play, physically challenging exercise, or the development of important hand-eye dexterity skills, we have stand-alone playground structures and elements to make your park fun!

Allow Them to Make Some Noise!

No inside-voices required when playing outdoors!  Children love to make noise and we have a variety of musical independent play options that help them learn about tone and hand-eye coordination while expressing their creative muse.  Visit the Music Play section of our website to browse available products to create your own outdoor band.

Fast and Fun Slides

No playground would be complete without some incredible slides to provide the exhilarating experience that children love.  Whether part of a large playground structure or augmented as a stand-alone activity, slides are a fun way for children to enjoy independent play.  Learn more about our 6’ Freestanding Spiral Slide and other great options.

No Obstacle to Play

A fun obstacle course that will challenge young minds physically and cognitively is a valuable asset to any park or playground.  Our 10 Station Fitness Course provides activities that challenge balance, muscle control, and endurance with a variety of fun activities.

We also offer climbers, spring riders, water and sand play stations, and more to encourage creative independent play.  Take the learning outdoors with great playground equipment from APCPLAY©. We'll help you build your playground with industry leading equipment, installation and limited lifetime product warranty. Call us at 1-888-401-6446 to get started.